Retractable Banner Stand (Graphic interchangeable)

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  • Retractable Banner Stand (Graphic interchangeable)
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Discount starts at 2 units with the same or different artwork.
Includes Stand, Carry Bag and Printed Graphics.

Retractable Banner Stand (Graphic interchangeable)


Detailed Information:

  Banner Stand: Aluminium alloy
  Printing: Full color digital printing, UV-resistant inks
  Material: 250 GSM premium vinyl, finished with extra 100GSM matt coating
  Carrying Bag: Padded carrying bag included
  Usage: Indoor use. Not recommended for outdoor use
  Replacement Banner available: Yes

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80.7" (h)
33.5" (w) x 78.7" (h)
8.80 pounds

(Does not include shipping time)

2 Business Days
$169.00 USD
Per Piece
$169.00  USD
Estimated Delivery Fee $20.40 USD
$189.40 USD
  Full color digital printing Incl.

Contact Us for larger quantities.

This Retractable Banner Stand (with interchangeable graphics) features a "field-serviceable" graphics cartridge. Like other Retractable banner stands, this banner stand, retracts the banner into the base when not in use. The difference is, this product offers an interchangeable graphic cartridge. In under 5 minutes, you can change your trade show banner display to feature a new message. This feature will insure you can keep your banner stand for years.

Our standard banner printing size is 33.5" (W) x 78.7" (H), or you can request a custom banner size.

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Retractable Banner Stand (Graphic interchangeable)-6

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