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$189.00 USD each

$20.40 USD each


$179.00 USD each

$14.60 USD each


$169.00 USD each

$13.44 USD each


$159.00 USD each

$12.57 USD each

Prices based on 35.5 in x 55 in Standing Banner (Single Sided).
Discount starts at 2 units with the same or different artwork.
Includes Frame, Carrying Bag and Fabric Panel.
Upgrade to Double Sided Displays for additional 20% + per unit.

Floor Fabric Standing Banner (35.5 in x 55 in)


Floor Fabric Standing Banner (35.5 in x 78.7 in)


Floor Fabric Standing Banner (47 in x 55 in)


Floor Fabric Standing Banner (47 in x 78.7 in)


Detailed Information:

  Frame: Aluminium alloy
  Printing: Full color Dye-sublimation printing, UV-resistant inks
  Material: 240 GSM stretch fabric
  Carrying Bag: Attractive travel bag
  Usage: Indoor use. Not recommended for outdoor use
  Replacement Fabric available: Yes
  Optional LED lighting kit

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  Know the difference between RGB and CMYK
  Colour chart for Stretch Fabric Stands

  Price Calculator

35.5" (w) x 55" (h)
35.5" (w) x 55" (h)
9.90 pounds

(Does not include shipping time)

6 Business Days
$189.00 USD
Per Piece
$189.00  USD
Estimated Delivery Fee $20.40 USD
$209.40 USD
  Full color digital printing Incl.

Contact Us for larger quantities.

The Floor Fabric Standing Banner is a stretch fabric banner stand that is hard to ignore. The arched curvature of the Banner Stand creates an aesthetically appealing image that the attendees are bound to notice and appreciate.

The structural design of the Stand adds gloss to the beauty. The tension fabric can easily be assembled, dismantled and moved from one position to another. As an added feature, this fabric banner stand can easily attach a LED light. The light aluminum frame makes the overall structure light, durable and easily reusable at other events.

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Floor Fabric Standing Banner-6

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